In working with education and training providers over the years, it was observed that most new LSPs, unless they were able to quickly generate substantial income through immediate sales or had strong financial support at the early stage, they would lack the financial resource and the management will to invest in human capital and an enhanced system capability.

For LSPs who were able to achieve high sales revenue, the complaint often heard was the lack of time to ensure quality processes were properly managed; the difficulty in finding the right personnel to do the job; and the high attrition rate of staff. In such a LSP, typically, the system was installed only to maintain accreditation continuity rather than towards management excellence.

The constraints mentioned above for new and established LSPs usually manifest as lack of management effectiveness and lack of organisational capability during audits.

As LSPs enters into the new era of learning service excellence demanded by SkillsFuture, they will need to improve their management effectiveness and capability.


The 1-year Management Continuity Support Programme For LSPs is to help aspiring and existing LSPs to overcome these two critical periods mentioned above. The programme offers solutions in these two key areas:

  1. Building and maintaining general management capability and effectiveness
  2. Building and maintaining the system for the organisation’s learning service processes

Getting these two areas in order means setting up the system processes that would enable the LSP to resolve organisational efficiency issues relating to:

  • Business Vision & Mission
  • Market Segment & Marketing Strategy
  • Customer Service & Offerings
  • Quality Standard Benchmarks
  • Risk Management
  • Financial Management Control
  • Human Capital Development
  • Productivity

The programme enables LSPs to (within a one-year period) install and/or improve all the necessary processes and management control system to achieve superior service quality. This operational knowledge will be transferred to a key management staff or MR for continuity.


As the Ministry of Education takes over the lead in the CET industry, LSPs can expect a higher standard of compliance.This programme can prepare the organisation adequately for new regulatory challenges in a more competitive environment.

Through this programme, the LSP will (i) fulfill all its regulatory and accreditation requirements (ii) ensure its organisational viability and (iii) demonstrate management commitment to government agencies.

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