Patrick Loh is an independent, professional, management consultant who has been serving education and learning service organisations (ATOs, ATPs and PEIs) since 2008.

With indepth knowledge and operational understanding of learning service processes; and appreciation of common problems in quality assurance facing ATOs, ATPs and PEIs; he can  help you address all compliance issues effectively and speedily with a “hands-on” and personalised approach.

He can also work with you to improve your organisation’s competitiveness and preparedness for growth through enhancing your strategic focus, learning service processes and QA Management system beyond compliance requirements.


Patrick’s successes in the recent past included assisting suspended learning service organisations to clear their crucial audits and regain their accreditation status through addressing AFIs effectively; setting up their compliant system; carrying out internal audits; preparation of  presentation and evidence to QA auditors; developing Call-for-Proposals (CFP); documentation and write-ups for accreditation/certification applications; developing the QA Manual; course accreditation; providing advice on all QA process and evidence matters; and integration of QA standards.

His list of clients includes new PEI and training start-ups, organisations with fewer than 10 persons as well as large ATOs and PEI chains.

His additional expertise in business planning as a management consultant prior 2008 also equips him with the breath of understanding of learning service management issues at strategic, organisational and operational levels. This enables him to develop highly effective business plans that demonstrate strong organisational and strategic capability that makes financial sense to investors, banks, landlords and government agencies.


Patrick has assisted a list of education and learning service providers successfully in the following areas:


  • ATO Status Termination/Suspension Reinstatement
  • CIR System Setup (with SOP Manual)
  • CIR Internal Audit
  • ATO / OA Application
  • Course Accreditation
  • CFP (Call-For-Proposals)
  • Post-Audit AFI Resolution


  • ISO 29990 Standard System Setup (with SOP Manual)
  • ISO 29990 Certification Preparation
  • ISO 29990 Internal Audit


  • System Integration (EDUTRUST-CIR-ISO Standards/SOP Manual)
  • Learning Service Management Continuity Support Programme*
  • Full 3-Year Business Plan (with detailed Financial Projections)

(*A full list of specialty services under the Management Continuity Support Programme can be obtained by writing to the below email address.)


Clients can expect the following when engaging Patrick:

  • Sound and detailed advice in all areas of Learning Service QA processes and  management based on years of experience in the education and training field
  • Cost-effectiveness, huge value added benefits
  • High certainty in achieving audit clearance
  • Complete range of continuous LSP management support services from organisation accreditation/certification to CFP to Learning Service Strategy
  • Personalised service and continuity
  • The most effective and convenient way to install your QA system

He can assist you to improve your organisation’s competitiveness and preparedness for growth through enhancing your strategic focus, Learning Service processes and QA Management system beyond compliance requirements.

The sooner your education and learning service organisation starts the path towards service excellence, the faster you will reap its rewards.

(Note: system setup or integration can take anywhere between 8 weeks and 8 months or longer. Actual duration will be dependent on client’s requirements; and time and budget allocation.)

More about Patrick’s background and his other interests can be found on this page.

Business Plan service can be accessed here.